Re: On Yojimbo and Time Machine

2008-02-15 Thread Florian Leitner
Coming to think of it, there would be a way to back up Yojimbo with Time Machine: you just need to create a sparse bundle disk image with Disk Utility, put your Yj DB on that and make the Yojimbo folder in ~/Library/Application Support/ an alias to the mountpoint of the image in /Volumes.

Apple Script - tag selected items

2007-09-30 Thread Florian Leitner
By the way, as I could not find a single example of an Apple Script for tagging selected items in the archive on a quick dirty search, so here is my variant for the records: pre -- tag all selected items in Yojimbo -- Presents the user with the list of current tags in -- Yojimbo; if none is