[Zope-dev] test, please ignore

2001-02-02 Thread Michael Bernstein
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Re: [Zope-dev] Fw: [Zope-dev] Storing session objects in a ZODB

2001-02-02 Thread Andy McKay
Im storing session-like data pickled inside the URL. I end up with long, ugly-looking URLs, but it does mean that a browser's bookmarks and back button work as expected, effectively 'undoing' changes made to thier session state. This solution also avoids the problem of finding enough

[Zope-dev] 2.3.0 bug in fmt=?

2001-02-02 Thread Zope mailing lists
Nevermind. As usual, as soon as you post you figure it out. The value of the var was a string and not a float... Sorry for wasting bandwidth. Although, come to think of it, should it throw an error rather than silently eating the value? --RDM ___

[Zope-dev] Changing Ownership

2001-02-02 Thread Andy McKay
I have a folder inside a user_info_folder that allows users to store data (these fabled session snapshots of earlier posts). When I create it I want to set the Ownership of that folder to the user. Since a user is created by someone else (only admin can create users), the admin person is becoming

Re: [Zope-dev] test, please ignore

2001-02-02 Thread Andy McKay
My golly are we back up? -- Andy McKay. - Original Message - From: "Michael Bernstein" [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: [EMAIL PROTECTED]; [EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Friday, February 02, 2001 8:06 AM Subject: [Zope-dev] test, please ignore test ___

[Zope-dev] 2.3.0 bug in fmt=?

2001-02-02 Thread Zope mailing lists
dtml-var somevar fmt=dollars-and-cents produces a blank, no matter what the value of somevar. I could swear this works in other versions of zope, but it seems like an awfully fundamental bug to have slipped through the 2.3.0 release process. Can anyone tell me what stupid thing I'm doing wrong?

[Zope-dev] Python Script Wish

2001-02-02 Thread Chris Withers
Hi, Python Scripts are great :-) I wish I could create them through FTP. Basically, if you try to save a something.py into Zope through FTP, it currently creates a file object with the MIME type set to x-python. It's be really great if it coudl create a Python Script instead. Is that hard to

Re: [Zope-dev] Fw: [Zope-dev] Storing session objects in a ZODB

2001-02-02 Thread Chris McDonough
A strategy for integrating this into the session-tracking stuff would be: 1. Write all of your code to use the session tracking API. 2. Pass separate state info in the URL like you're doing now. 3. Copy the URL state into the current session on every request. This is probably not very

RE: [Zope-dev] Broken FTP ZClass PUT 2.3.0

2001-02-02 Thread Brian Lloyd
I have recently upgraded to 2.3.0 and it has broken my FTP support. When I try to do an FTP upload to an instance of my ZClass, it fails because it is calling the default PUT of a webdav.Collection instead of the PUT of my python base class. My setup is such: A Python product with a

[Zope-dev] [ANN] M2Crypto 0.06 snapshot #2 -- ZServerSSL

2001-02-02 Thread Ng Pheng Siong
Hi, A new snapshot of M2Crypto is now available. The major change: ZServerSSL Rides Again Whew! It's been a year! ZServerSSL was last released on 1 Feb 2000 for Zope 2.1.3. It has now been dusted off and re-released for Zope 2.3.0. Tested with Zope-2.3.0-win32-x86

Re: [Zope-dev] Poor programming practice?

2001-02-02 Thread Robin Becker
In article 004f01c08c01$c984bf70$6401a8c0@home, Darrell Gallion [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes Doesn't this undo the damage? from medusa.ftp_server import recv_channel handle_close=recv_channel.handle_close import Zserver.FTPServer recv_channel=handle_close --Darrell There's only one method in the