This looks good to me Max. I think it'll solve the issue reported.

line 109 : I guess this could turn negative if timeLimit was value < 60. I don't think that's possible unless we're dealing with a strange config!

For the code comment, may a minor edit :

 111         // Only trigger a cleanup when very old entries exist
 112         // (lifespan + 1 min ago). This ensures a cleanup is done
 113         // at most every minute.


On 22/02/18 08:36, Weijun Wang wrote:
Please take a review at

Two notes:

1. I tried list.subList(here, end).clear() but it's not faster.

2. I have looked at ConcurrentHashMap + ConcurrentSkipListMap but will need 
more time to verify its correctness and measure the performance gain. Since the 
bug is reported on 8u, a safer fix looks better.



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