Hey Alexis, we use the St. John's Sepsis Alert here at the University of 
Tennessee Medical Center.

We require the nurse to contact their Clinical Nurse Specialist or Clinical 
Nurse Educator immediately when an alert has fired. The nurse and specialist 
will decide whether or not to notify a provider.  (our policy is to always 
notify a provider unless an erroneous value was accidentally entered or if the 
patient should have had a "snooze" for the alert). We do not allow any actions 
to be done just from an alert being fired, but we are a large teaching 
facility: our "alert-to-orders" times are short because of easy accessibility 
of providers.

I am required to track all alerts and actions performed due to the alert 
(highly recommend this!).

Chadrick Sims, BSN, RN, CFRN, SCRN
Sepsis and Rescue Coordinator
UT Medical Center


Office: (865)305-6497
Cell: (865)705-9996
Fax: (865) 305-6544


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