Yes, we use Cerner and the Sepsis alert.  The expectation is that the nurses 
notify the doctor within 30 minutes of receiving the alert 100% of the time.  
One thing to watch for is that the alert links to a generic clinician notify 
form, so the nurse needs to document why the physician was notified in the 
comments field ("Sepsis alert received" is sufficient) otherwise it reads that 
the doctor was notified but we don't if it was for pain meds, or lab results, 
or something else.

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My facility will be changing our EMR to Cerner in April. Does your facility use 
Cerner and the St. John's Sepsis Alert? What is the nursing procedure/protocol 
when an alert is triggered? I am trying to get ahead of the game and work on 
initiating nurse driven protocols. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

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