On Tue, Dec 23, 2008 at 7:20 PM, David Leeming
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> Hi Martin, well done.... I installed that and restarted but still get this:


> Service ejabberd status
> Node ejabb...@schoolserver is started. Status: started.
> ejabberd is not running
> force reload does not help

there's something misconfigured with the domain name. Maybe you
changed domain name?

One way is to remove all the ejabberd data.

 - service ejabberd stop
 - rm /var/lib/ejabberd/spool/*
 - service ejabberd start

and then re-do the steps of creating the 'admin' acct for ejabberd,
and creating the 'Online' roster...

I've re-added the CC to the server-devel list so that the solution is
findable in case someone else hits this... hope that's ok!


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