Are you upgrading or doing this from fresh install?

If upgrade from what previous version?

If from fresh install can you give more detail to the exact steps you are performing?

(pardon me if you provided this information earlier; I quickly reviewed the archive and could not find anything)


Martin Langhoff wrote:
On Mon, Dec 29, 2008 at 10:04 PM, David Leeming
<> wrote:
It works but you have to run through the procedure below each time you start
the XOs up with the server.

Hmmm, well, that's definitely not normal procedure!

- I have to log onto ejabberd web admin with all XOs turned off and delete
all users (time consuming for a class of 40....) and then start them up.
Then it will work fine and the neighbourhood screens populate, until you
want to start again. Next time you start everything up, you will not see the
other XOs, until the procedure is repeated.

I suspect there's something else happening there... on the server
there should be a log for ejabberd, /var/log/ejabberd.log I think. Can
you post it to the list or to me? That should give us something to
chew on...



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