Hi Martin,

It works but you have to run through the procedure below each time you start
the XOs up with the server. 

- I have to log onto ejabberd web admin with all XOs turned off and delete
all users (time consuming for a class of 40....) and then start them up.
Then it will work fine and the neighbourhood screens populate, until you
want to start again. Next time you start everything up, you will not see the
other XOs, until the procedure is repeated.

David Leeming
Technical Advisor, People First Network, Honiara, Solomon Islands
Alternative email address: leemingda...@yahoo.com.au 

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On Tue, Dec 23, 2008 at 10:58 PM, David Leeming
<leem...@pipolfastaem.gov.sb> wrote:
> Installed the new update, got ejabberd going again by removing all the
> and now all is working again. I now have my two test C2s and two B4s
> connected and re-registered.


> Despite the update (which is definitely installed - if I repeat the
> it tells be it's already done and fully updated) I still had to do the
> around of removing all four users from the ejabberd webadmin and
> everything before I could see them in the neighbourhood views. This
> each time a laptop is restarted. I tried shutting everything down then
> starting up again - and the users have reappeared in Webadmin and I have
> delete them all again and restart before it works.

After you register, you _must_ restart the laptops.  But not the
server. That's a known limitation on the XO side (that for
registration to become effective you must restart).

Reuben has been testing it, and it seems to work for him (restrating
the laptops). Perhaps you could retest with this in mind...?

> However, it is almost there - Great work Martin and XS devel team - it's a
> brilliant project, and have a great Christmas!

Thanks! Your wishes are coming through -- this is perhasp the best
xmas and new years I've had in many many years.

And with a confirmation from you, we may bless this as the good 0.5.1
we all want :-)


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