I'm on the road, apologies if I'm a bit succint...

 - 400 users are unlikely to be online at the same time, supporting
all users online at the same time will stress all the infra, so the
path to success is, I suspect, paved with strategies to define usage
patterns that avoid clustering everyone at the same time.

 - I am working on 0.6 which will let you partition the school --
instead of @online@, large schools can set moodle+ejabberd in a mode
where users are in a shared-roster-group defined by their course
membership in moodle. I've posted on the list and written in the wiki
about this before if you need more detail.

 - More users - more RAM to the server :-) and disk space for backups

 - Do you really have a low latency / high bw conn between the schools
and the location with the XS? I have the feeling we had this
conversation before... :-) and I suggested smaller and local, which is
how the XS is designed to work. That's still my recommendation...


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