2009/3/6 Daniel Drake <d...@laptop.org>:
> I will continue testing by rebooting the server and booting all the
> XOs again, checking presence visibility, but right now they need a
> charge, so that will probably have to wait until monday.

OK. Booted the server again, and all XOs, and they all managed to see
each other just fine.

ejabberd memory usage:
0       35124
12      53252
24      64816
36      80036
48      93512
60      108244
72      127000

Also checked "olpc-xos" output and manually counted the icons at
various points, no problems.

I then launched a Record activity and shared it between all 72
laptops. It worked very well. However, after shutting a few machines
down, some remaining XOs were missing about 80% of the XO icons on the
neighborhood view, until sugar was restarted. olpc-xos output was
correct and showed all. I think there is probably a sugar bug causing
disappearance of icons after the rings of users around activities have
"disbanded" :(

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