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This patch updates the spec to clarify what attributes are required
since which release.  There is a spec bug that "classLoaderName"
added in JDK 9 is missing in the CompositeData for StackTraceElement
but the implementation is correct.  I will file a CSR for this update.

This patch ensures that CompositeData for ThreadInfo of version N
must have the attributes defined since <= N.
ThreadInfo::from also makes sure 'stackTrace' and 'lockedMonitors'
attributes of version N while it can include additional attributes
which has been the current behavior.

JDK-8139587 intended to support older versions of StackTraceElement
which does not seem a complete solution.  I reverted the fix for
JDK-8139587 (mostly) and removed TypeVersionMapper.  The fix constructs
the CompositeType for ThreadInfo and MonitorInfo of different
versions and used them for validation.  Minor cleanup: the static
final variables are renamed to all capitals.  CompatibilityTest.java
test is missing the copyright header.


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