Hi Everyone,

I think we have a blocker issue as I've just noticed this patch was merged:


and will actually prevent us from releasing Carbon in the future since the
version of  sfc-ui-module that's currently set is already been released.

The problem with this patch is that ${dlux.version} is configured as:


While sfc-parent version was:

Boron = 0.3.x-SNAPSHOT
Carbon = 0.4.x-SNAPSHOT

So the patch in Carbon downgraded sfc-ui-module's version to 0.4.x-SNAPSHOT
which was already released:


(Also I think it's bad practice to make a newer version of your software
have the same version as the previous released version)

The problem with the patch is that when the version number in a pom file is
omitted it takes the version number of the parent pom that is declared in
said pom file. I think there's a couple possible solutions to this.


If SFC really wants to start using the parent pom's version for all their
maven modules than we need to bump the sfc-parent pom version to a high
enough version that it doesn't cause any modules that are using it to
reduce their own versions.


Alternatively if SFC does not want to use ${dlux.version} because it causes
a maven warning. Than we need to hardcode the version 0.5.0-SNAPSHOT in the
sfc-ui-module pom file.

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