So do we now create 2 packages out of the shotwell tree? How would the 
facedetect package be published to various distributions?And should the 
facedetect binary become a service which can be launched by shotwell, or maybe 
by the OS?
Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2018 23:12:55 +0900
From: Norbert Preining <>
Subject: Re: [Shotwell] Adding face recognition to shotwell
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Hi all,

> I am not familiar with flatpak, so will read up and see how I can deploy this 
> service using it.So the preferred method seems to be separate package for the 
> facedetect binary which comes with the DNN model.

I think a separate package sounds fine, but I would recommend against
flatpak. Let distributions do the work and package it properly ...
Nothing you should be concerned with.


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