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> On Thu, Aug 22, 2019 at 11:52:13AM +0600, Sumon Ahmed Sabir wrote:
> > A new version of the proposal "prop-132: AS0 for Bogons"
> > has been sent to the Policy SIG for review.
> >
> > Information about earlier versions is available from:
> > http://www.apnic.net/policy/proposals/prop-132
> Attached is a rewrite of prop-132-v002 ('prop-132-v003.txt') where the
> word "bogon" has been mostly replaced with (in my mind) more descriptive
> terms.
> The reason for wording things a bit different is that when I first heard
> about this proposal I thought the idea was to create ROAs for bogons
> such as RFC 1918 space, and thought "THEY WHAT NOW?!" :-)

> If we think in Venn diagrams, indeed, "bogons" contain all "unallocated
> and unassigned APNIC address space", and "unallocated and unassigned
> APNIC address space" are "bogons", but "bogons" to many operators means
> much more than just the APNIC managed portion of it.
> A clear advantage of ensuring unassigned or unallocated address space is
> not in use by unauthorized parties is that such address space can be
> assigned to eligible APNIC members instead. This proposal may (slightly)
> increase the pool of available IP address space for the APNIC community.

actually, you are not the only one, many (off list+on list) shared the same
opinion and then I had to explain Bogon to them (exactly as you explained
in second para) :) somewhere during the initial discussion of this proposal
there were some points about bogons vs martians and sometimes the terms are
confusing as well to operators as they use it differently, I agree.

Your edits are providing clear description, I will accomodate in the v3.
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