On Sun, Oct 16, 2016 at 19:14 +0000, Chris Dreher wrote:
> I appreciate this being worked on.

Notice that we are talking about "flush" here, not "late
manipulation".  For file header updates as samples get appended,
there already is an undisputed approach (output modules).

> There is one scenario I am wondering whether it is handled.  I
> am not familiar enough with libsigrokdecode's code to know.
> The question is when a lower-level PD has its decode_end()
> called and that PD flushes data with calls to put(), will the
> next higher-level PD have its decode() called before its own
> decode_end() is called?

The suggested send_eof() routine is modelled after the already
existing send() routine, so that the decode_end() methods will
get invoked in the very order in which currently decode() methods
get invoked.  Which translates to "in most appropriate ways" for
stacked decoders. :)  Lower layers first, pushing remaining data
if necessary, upper layers then, and all of it before closing the

The commit messages tried to hint towards this ("Execution order
copes with decoder stacks.").  How to improve that message?

Shall I provide a doc update with the code submission?  Though I
could not find any doc section with 'grep -rw decode', did I miss
it due to markup, perhaps?

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