Hi List.

I bought this 6254BD, 4ch, 250MHz oscilloscope + signal generator recently, 
but found that the windows software didn't really make it easy to do what I 
wanted to do. I was messing about with OpenHantek but apparently the 6254 has 
a completely different driver to the already supported (both sigrok and 
OpenHantek) P6022. I gathered thats probably because it has completely 
different hardware, amongst other things.
Anyway, I thought if I opened the case I might get some insight into how 
different. Sadly when I put it back together it no longer works ;-(

Anyway, I took a couple of photos and believe I have the details of most of
the ICs inside - primarily Xilinix Spartan-6 XC62SLX16  FPGA and Cypress 
CY7C68013A-56LTXC USB controller. This seems kind of similar to the Saleae 
Logic8 for instance.

I guess I am wondering firstly, is this info useful for your wiki and if so how 
to get it there, and secondly, is there any hope for me to resuscitate this 
thing by deconstructing the windows driver, or some other means? Is there a 
chance your fx2lafw driver will work with this thing?


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