On Sun, Oct 16, 2016 at 2:38 AM Suresh Ramasubramanian <sur...@hserus.net>

> Social media analytics and cloud is the latest of so many flavours of the
> month.  That a large corporation with hidebound rules and a process driven
> nature sucks at it all and is occasionally too slow to jump onto a trend -
> and even there tries to use stuff made by their existing enterprise vendors
> .. that doesn't surprise me.

Was the Indian software industry ever really trendy?

There were pockets of innovation here and there (for example, the messaging
start-up that Udhay used to be with (can't recall it's name at the moment)
was working on something that the WhatsApps and the WeChats were only able
to catch on 15 years later).

But the majority of the Indian IT industry in the 90's was working on
software from the 70's.

IMO, there will always be 20-30-year-old software to maintain. It is not a
sexy thing, but it is steady.


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