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> "any task that can be well defined is inherently capable of being
> Why do you believe this? Math is littered with well defined unsolved
> problems. Just because you can define it doesn't mean it's even possible,
> much less automatable.

For sure there are going to be edge cases, but I think the scale of
automation will be significant enough for this assumption to be a good
working hypothesis.

> It's certainly possible that we will automate ourselves out of the need
> "jobs" but that's only a problem if you believe that existing structures
> wealth accumulation and distribution are appropriate for such a world. It
> seems obvious that they are not. It could be unrest, or it could be an
> unparalleled opportunity to provide basic needs universally and allow for
> unprecedented creativity.

The world currently exhibits a very unforgiving social dynamic of mandatory
economic growth. Nations and individuals feel incredibly insecure if they
don't have year on year growth to justify their existence. The West has put
forward a culture of planned obsolescence and bottom less consumption that
the rest of the world is just getting a taste for.

If we are able to change this mentality then we may quite well enter a new
golden age of cultural and inner development. In my opinion, for such
radical common sense to prevail we'll need a horror on the scale of a world
war to bring the world to its senses. The EU and the UN couldn't have come
about without the horrors of WW2.

Right now I see all the makings of an epic tantrum as politicians pit
racial/religious/ethnic/linguistic/political identities against each other.

Some of us will not need a knock to the head, but most of the world isn't
aware of a change in course even if it is feeling the consequences.

That an idle mind is the devil's workshop is an old maxim, but I'd like to
add, an empty mind is God's workshop. To come to realize this as a society
is not going to be easy, but I pray it comes to pass soon.

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