I had asked. - "Searching in google is a result of prior synapse -
true or false ?”

The word google was intentionally inserted to make it sound more real.
In the backdrop of a simulated world, I believe that there is
significant influence of cues coming from multiple external dimensions
on what one searches for vs a sense of discovery..so I wanted to seek
thoughts from this group if one could “search” without bias or without
any sort of prior conditioninng


You often search when you know what you want to search..
How do you know what you want? How was it conditioned ?
how does one perfect the art of searching? Or better conditioning?
Is it better search terms? OR
Is it to know better what you want? OR
Is it to know various methods of searching and retrieval?

Is it possible to search without Without any precincts of “conditioning”
In other words how we do we know this is what we were searching for?
Without having any “models” or “features” of what to search
What are the ways to formulate unique new search terms ?
What are the ways to discover anything for that matter (independently)?

Consider these facts…

"Each keyword or phrase needs to mirror the language used by your
target consumer. If you understand how consumers are finding
businesses like yours, you will begin to see increased visits to your
website as your copy will match search queries”

A dog can spot a bomb only when its trained to (it knows the model)

A  team of researchers gave eight of the cats meals of beef treated
with the deworming agent thiabendazole in doses large enough to make
them temporarily sick to their stomachs. “It basically causes a bad
case of indigestion,” WildiZe founder Eli Weiss told The Aspen Times.
After a few meals of treated beef, the lions were once again offered
untreated meat. Seven of the eight refused to eat it, while an eighth
actually refused to eat at all for a short period.

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