> On 15 Apr 2018, at 20:10, Alok Singh <alephn...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm a member of a coop - hcoop.net. I'd be happy to sponsor a membership
> but no one wants to pick a fight with the powers that be.
> This is something that I'm interested in and I have setup a tor presence
> but I don't know if it actually provides any security in these times. I
> would be happy to help with setting things up but I can't provide
> guarantees having never find this before for some one else.
> DNS is where most censorship happens and gandi does promise to contest
> Gopher seems to be the flavour du jour on the mastodon network I'm on.

There are of course no absolutes. It’s a question of what you need the 
anonymity for and who is likely to be tracking you and their resources and 
determination etc. 

It’s difficult to completely put off a determined investigator with resources 
(much less a determined government with resources). 

That said, I would suggest doing a lot of research and picking a good web host 
in a European Union country, where privacy protections are stronger (especially 
after the EU Global Data Protection Regulation goes into force next month) and 
make sure you pick an EU country with stronger privacy laws and solid rule of 
law (Germany, Iceland, Switzerland..places like that). GANDI for example is a 
very good French company (I use them too for domain hosting, not web hosting). 

PS - As for DNS, Cloudflare (although American of course) recently launched 
their free privacy focussed DNS service to the public, free to use as a name 

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