Stay away from large hosting providers, especially those based in
India or US. Given the commoditised nature of the hosting market,
it's not worth it for most providers to put up an expensive legal
fight to protect the privacy of a customer who's lifetime revenue
potential is minimal. In the US, the most you can expect is for a
provider to wait for a valid search warrant before folding. In India,
you can can't even do that -- a couple of years ago one of our guys
got badly thrashed by the cops when he was unable to comply with a
verbal request for information in a political case.

As Badri suggested, a EU provider would be subject to GDPR and would
be required to anonymise a lot of customer data. It's important to
note that they would still be subject to local law and would be forced
to comply to a court order for info. Also, given the nature of GDPR
it's probable that non-EU residents data would not be anonymised.

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> Greetings, folks.
> Are there any web hosting providers you recommend who protect customer
> privacy strongly and could be used for hosting content of a
> politically sensitive nature? Asking for a friend, of course. ;)
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> Madhu
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