The Alpha target is the Digital Personal Workstation (PWS) 500au [codename: 
Miata], which qualifies as a single user workstation from a minimum licensing 

Bob Supnik had one in his possession, and gave it to me to do comparisons. The 
Miata has both ARC and SRM firmware "full-flash", but the initial goal is to 
get SRM firmware to run OpenVMS and TRU64 using the serial console. Planned PCI 
boards are: DE500 ethernet, KZPAA(narrow) and KZP??(wide) SCSI disk/tape 
controllers, and the Digital PCI-to-PCI bridge which are all supported by every 
OS.  If someone writes a VGA controller in the future, it should be one 
supported by every OS, like the fairly basic S3 TRIO32/64+.

Windows NT support on ARC firmware could come later, but would require the VGA 
card emulation, unless you wanted to run NT "headless" over the serial port, 
which is allowed by the NT specification. ARC firmware is much harder due to 
having an x86 register emulator, and an INT 10 BIOS emulator, as well as 
running everything in 32-bit mode.

Yes, I would appreciate it if you would put something on your web page to have 
interested coders contact me. I could use the help.


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Thanks for the information Dave!  I’m glad to hear it’s still being worked on.  
I can well imagine what a pain the firmware is, especially if you’re trying to 
support both the SRM and ARC firmware.  I wish I could help.  From my 
standpoint, getting SIMH to boot OpenVMS would be a big deal.  

Are you working to support a specific platform?  I’m curious since not every 
system supports SRM or ARC, and many of the PCI boards were only supported by 
Windows NT.

Would you like me to put a note on the webpage for anyone interested in helping 
to contact you via the SIMH mailing list?


> On Feb 2, 2018, at 10:01 AM, Hittner, David T [US] (MS) 
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> Well, Migration Specialties is where the developer of ES40 went, anyway. :-)
> I'm working on the SIMH Alpha simulator. It is quite a complex beast, where 
> the firmware required to power up the system to the chevrons (>>>) is an 
> operating system of small Linux complexity even before you can try to boot 
> OpenVMS, TRU64 or WinNT.  I think the simulation currently runs some 56 
> billion instructions before encountering a missing hardware simulation, and 
> it's nowhere near the chevrons - and hasn't even built the OS interface block 
> or the FW-level device tables yet.
> If anyone would like to help with the Alpha development, I wouldn't say no. 
> It takes a long time to figure what the RISC firmware is trying to 
> accomplish. :-)
> Dave
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> Zane,
> just had a look at your Alpha page, and noticed that you missed an emulator:
> FreeAXP / Avanti from Migration Specialties, 
> This is where the ES40 emulator went, AFAIK.
> cu,
> Martin
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> I'm in the process of slowly updating my DEC Emulation website, which has 
> been largely stagnant since 2007.  The first page I'm spending some 
> significant time on is the DEC Alpha page, as I'm curious to see what the 
> current options are.  In reviewing things, I notice that Alpha emulation was 
> worked on at some point for SIMH (probably around 2006).  What is the current 
> state of that work?  I had a quick google, and the most popular hit seems to 
> be mirrored copies of my site. 
> Thanks,
> Zane
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