On Monday, February 19, 2018 at 9:55 PM, Zane Healy wrote:
> I’d posted about this nearly a month ago, and have made some real progress
> this weekend.
> Configuration:
> OpenVMS 8.3/Alpha
> Compaq XP1000/667
> OpenVMS 7.3/VAX
> SIMH MicroVAX3900
> I’m backing MONK up over the Cluster to a “tape drive” on RENNY.
> First, Ubuntu includes a package for SIMH V3.8-1.  If you’re just using disk 
> and
> network, it seems to be just fine.  If you want to write tapes, it seems 
> fine.  If
> you want to read tapes, upgrade, as it appears to crash OpenVMS V7.3, at least
> when messing with “tapes" the size I’m creating.  Hopefully the crashing 
> isn’t a
> clustering issue, I still need to test that.  I downloaded the latest SIMH 
> sources,
> and built them today, and I appear to be able to read tapes without crashing.
> At least it doesn’t crash when reading from the SIMH VAX, I still need to try
> reading one over the cluster on my Alpha.
> One stupid question, I assume that SIMH emulates the network interface at
> 10Mbit.  Is there any way to speed that up?  Granted, all my real VAXen are
> limited to 10Mbit, but a faster link in SIMH would be nice.

The network interface is not artificially limited to 10Mbit.  Years ago, I 
measured some 25Mbit on my desktop system.  I suggest that you run 
with the latest code from https://github.com/simh/simh.  Simh v3.8-1
was from a long time ago, and significant changes have been made since 
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