I’d posted about this nearly a month ago, and have made some real progress this 

OpenVMS 8.3/Alpha
Compaq XP1000/667

OpenVMS 7.3/VAX
SIMH MicroVAX3900

I’m backing MONK up over the Cluster to a “tape drive” on RENNY.

First, Ubuntu includes a package for SIMH V3.8-1.  If you’re just using disk 
and network, it seems to be just fine.  If you want to write tapes, it seems 
fine.  If you want to read tapes, upgrade, as it appears to crash OpenVMS V7.3, 
at least when messing with “tapes" the size I’m creating.  Hopefully the 
crashing isn’t a clustering issue, I still need to test that.  I downloaded the 
latest SIMH sources, and built them today, and I appear to be able to read 
tapes without crashing.  At least it doesn’t crash when reading from the SIMH 
VAX, I still need to try reading one over the cluster on my Alpha.

My largest backup, from the Alpha, to a virtual “tape”, has been 23.5GB, which 
resulted in a 27.5GB image file.

Speeds are painful to say the least, but at least I seem to be getting readable 
backups (I will be doing more testing on that once the current backup 

One stupid question, I assume that SIMH emulates the network interface at 
10Mbit.  Is there any way to speed that up?  Granted, all my real VAXen are 
limited to 10Mbit, but a faster link in SIMH would be nice.


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