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> > >Can the IMP software and the H316 simulator talk TCP/IP to an ehernet
> card?
> If we had TCP-era IMP code, one could, in theory, but as I recall the
> structure of the TCP ARPAnet (net 10) address was that one octet was
> the IMP number, and another the port on the IMP, which was severly
> limited (four host ports?), and if that limitation was "well known"
> you might only be able to attach to four hosts over Ethernet.
> Most often, the system attached to the IMP acted as a router, and
> connected to the local internet.

There are drivers in 4.2BSD for IMP interfaces, the ACC LH/DH and the DEC
IMP11-A.  These are set up to use TCP/IP but it is unclear to me how much
work the board does vs. what is expected of the IMP itself.  As far as I am
aware there is not technical documentation for either of these boards, but
if that turned up I imagine they could in theory be added to SIMH for the
VAX and PDP-11.

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