On Monday, April 9, 2018 at 9:00 PM, Robert Armstrong wrote:
> >distinguish between [CXA16] controller and a CXY08,  ...
>   Short answer is that I don't know, but the RSX SYSGEN (for example) allows
> you to specify the number of lines per controller independently of the
> controller type.  So for the CXA16 you'd just tell it that you had a DHU or 
> (depending on how you set the switch on the CXA16 card) with 16 lines per
> controller.  For the CXY08 you'd do the same thing, but 8 lines per control.  
> It
> doesn't need to know the actual hardware configuration.

I'm sure that these devices were far more common on VMS system.

I'm certain that VMS managed to distinguish how many lines there are on 
the board without some external user input.  I only have driver listings for
VMS V5.5 which is more than likely before these devices existed so that 
isn't a good place to look.  If someone can come up with a technical or
user manual for this board, or specific info from an OS driver we can 
readily add it.

- Mark
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