On Mon, Jun 03, 2019 at 08:36:00AM +0000, fungal-net wrote:
> Void (both glibc and musl) have had the whole s6 suite and skarnet libs
> on its repositories for all (xx) architectures.  s6-rc doesn't work out
> of the box though (tried and tried, I don't know enough to get it
> working).  I can install an arch kernel and make a bootable image by
> installing Obarun's s6-rc into void (glibc) and then 66.  Obarun's 66 is
> also in Void repositories, current and identical, I believe.

I use slew (<https://gitlab.com/CasperVector/slew>, developed by myself)
on both Void (both glibc and musl) and Alpine (quite a few machines),
and all run smoothly.  What is you specific issue with s6-rc?  (Perhaps
this is more suitable for the supervision mailing list.)

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