El lun., 10 jun. 2019 a las 4:13, Casper Ti. Vector escribió:
> > /etc/nsswitch.conf, which I don't recall having ever modified, says:
> >   group: db files
> Try using `qfile -o' to find the owner, and subsequently how it should
> originally have been?  (I used Gentoo for several years before migrating
> to Alpine/Void two or three years ago, which is why I still lurk on its
> forums.)

/etc/nsswitch.conf is 'owned' by sys-libs/glibc, and Gentoo's default
comes directly from the libc's source package:


> > I have no idea what changed, why this used to work before my upgrade
> > of the libc, or why it apparently never failed for anyone else not on
> > Gentoo.
> You are correct: the issue can be reproduced on my void/glibc system if
> `db' is added (whether prepended or appended) to the `group:' line in
> /etc/nsswitch.conf.  (The /etc/nsswitch.conf is the distro-default for
> glibc/x86_64 systems, unchanged on my system.)

This is interesting. It hints at the problem really being in the
upstream package. And you said that you added the 'db' service, so I
take it that it wasn't there by default. Is this Void's current
default /etc/nsswitch.conf?


If yes, it means that the 'db' service isn't configured for any
database at all, and would explain Void's 'immunity' to this problem.


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