I am using a USB to mSATA SSD board “Pi-102” manufactured by Lycom 

The Pi-102's USB bridge chip is upd720231A manufactured by Renesas 

I’m running Smartmontools on a Raspberry Pi 3, and when I run:

$ sudo smartctl --all /dev/sda -s on

…I expected to see a detailed report of the drive data, but instead I got:

/dev/sda: Unknown USB bridge [0x045b:0x0229 (0x000)]
Please specify device type with the -d option.

Use smartctl -h to get a usage summary

Reading through the Smartmontools support archive, it appears that the Renesas 
upd720231A USB bridge is listed, but with a different idVendor:idProduct 


…and in a changeset on the smartmontools.org site: 

How do I go about getting the USB bridge I’m using added so that I can use 
Smartmontools for SSDs connected via the Lycom Pi-102, please?

Many thanks,

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