> How often do you see the problem?
> I thrashed our system all day today without a hitch while yesterday it
> packed up almost straight away. Both times where after a power cycle.
The system seems to work fine for a few hours but after that it hangs.
After a power cycle the problem persists. The only (destructive) way that I
found to exit this loop is to erase GPT and recreate the zones zpool.
>From today I have added a Avago/LSI 9207 controller and detached the PERC
Let's see how it works. If you do not read me again about this topic than
the controller swap had resolved the issue.

> Also does your pool use SSDs or spinning rust? Ours is SSD only.
Only spinning rust: HGST HUS724020AL (2TB from Hitachi) <
I had modified the sd.conf to recognize the drives as 4Kn and not 4Ke as
they are.
Obviously this dirty trick is done to both servers.

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