Further to previous posts on upgrading my two home servers, I seem to have hit 
an intractable problem on the main server and now need to restore it from the 
backup server. I use ZnapZend to send `zones` and all descendents to the other 
server so I have a good replica of the main server on the backup.

I’ve cloned the backup server’s `zones` hierarchy on to an eSATA disk and 
connected it to the main server as `zznew`; which now has a virgin `zones` pool 
after a reinstall of SmartOS.

I’m guessing there needs to be some combination of -e or -f in the `zfs send -R 
zznew/backup/deneb/zones | zfs recv` command and that this needs to be run with 
the server in recovery mode and with both pools on alternate mountpoints with 
no datasets mounted.

Any clues: the `zfs` manual is a bit light on the -e and -f options to the 
`recv` sub-command.


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