Hi Jason

Thanks for the reply. Not as far as I can see. I'll have a look after I've 
taken the dog out for a walk. Are you saying that VLV should be configured?
getent works fine on a linux client, /usr/bin/ldapsearch seems to work as 
expected and ldapclient works a treat(ahem, apart from changing the hosts 
setting in nsswitch.conf).

Kevin Ratcliffe

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On 14 April 2018 3:53 AM, Jason King <jason.brian.k...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Is there any configuration settings in ApacheDS dealing with virtual list 
> view (VLV) controls?  IIRC the native ldap client uses that control for 
> enumeration of entries (to give the results in chunks).
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>> Hi
>> I used ldapclient to provision a bunch of user accounts on a fileserver and 
>> it all seems to work correctly. But when I issue a getent passwd or getent 
>> group, getent prints the local accounts and then repeatedly prints my ldap 
>> user accounts and getent never completes. Is that normal?
>> kev@fs:~$ sudo ldapclient list
>> NS_LDAP_BINDDN= uid=admin,ou=system
>> NS_LDAP_BINDPASSWD= {NS1}blahblahblahblah
>> NS_LDAP_SERVERS= java.fukr.org.uk
>> NS_LDAP_SEARCH_BASEDN= dc=fukr,dc=org,dc=uk
>> NS_LDAP_AUTH= simple
>> NS_LDAP_SERVICE_SEARCH_DESC= group:ou=groups,dc=fukr,dc=org,dc=uk
>> NS_LDAP_SERVICE_SEARCH_DESC= shadow:ou=users,dc=fukr,dc=org,dc=uk
>> NS_LDAP_SERVICE_SEARCH_DESC= passwd:ou=users,dc=fukr,dc=org,dc=uk
>> I use apacheds as the ldap server. This isn't a big issue as everything 
>> seems to work okay but just seems odd as I've used getent on linux but have 
>> never seen this behaviour before.
>> Kevin Ratcliffe
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