Ok, thanks.

So the baseline Mac Mini of 128GB is too small? Sounds like I should get 
256GB as a minimum as I'm not a light user per se. How do I see what a 
breakdown of what I currently use?

Thanks for explanation re iPhotoLibrary. I'm a little confused though I'm 
afraid! I take it I can't delete iPhotoLibrary on assumption that all now 
in PhotosLibrary?

But either way, you suggest my total library size is approx 100GB? (Sounds 
a lot, albeit 11k photos going back to 2003 - but my image sized were v 
small back then!)


On Tuesday, December 3, 2019 at 2:23:42 PM UTC, mac98aop wrote:
> Ok, so I'm once bitten, so about to turn on iCloud Photo Storage as well 
> as my local backup.
> - I have found the file PhotosLibrary.photoslibrary. This is 70GB and we 
> have 200GB iCloud family shared storage.
> - There is also the file iPhotoLibrary.migratedphotolibrary. This is 
> 100GB, but is this now redundant with all my photos stored in Photos App?
> I'm sorting out the replacement Mac after the MBPro theft. 
> I'm thinking of not keeping family photos on my work machine at all, and 
> suspect 128GB SSD will now therefore be plenty. What's the best way of 
> working out what I currently use - DaisyDisk, or is there a Finder view?
> Thanks
> Adam

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