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> Thoughts?

I would like to hear yours instead :)

Take a look at [1] where we started the discussion about setting the
version in the yaml file. It seems that we should provide at least a way to
overwrite the version; but should we provide ways to overwrite and inject
values to all the fields? Maybe, I'm not sure. I think we should avoid to
make snapcraft a full templating engine. And for what I've seen, the
projects that need to change more than the version, or some more complex
replacing, they are already preprocessing some files before the build. In
that case, it could be reasonable to have a snapcraft.yaml.template in the
repository, and use sed, or the go text/template, or something like that to
generate the yaml before calling snapcraft.

We will have a session to design a solution for this during the sprint next
week. So please let us know your preference to take it into account.

pura vida.

[1] https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/snapcraft/2016-September/000907.html

¡paz y baile!
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