Hi Linda, 

Thank you for the useful advice! I will be working on this next week, and I'll 
let you know how it turns out. I also found some useful information on Zimbra's 


I'm looking forward to the reduction in spam! 


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Hi Daniel. I was hanging out in the Message Sniffer Community forums and saw 
that you had a question about Message Sniffer and Zimbra. I have actually set 
up a Zimbra/Postfix/SpamAssassin server with the SNF4SA plug-in. When I set it 
up, I simply added the lines for the SNF4SA to SpamAssassin’s local.cf file and 
it has been working without issue since. However, we have not upgraded the 
Zimbra server, so I’m not sure if those settings would be overwritten if we 
did. To avoid that, you could create a file called something like aaalocal.cf 
and add the SNF4SA lines to that file. That would prevent the settings from 
being overwritten if a Zimbra upgrade did overwrite the local.cf. I hope this 
helps. Thanks! 

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