I need to setup a spam filter server again so once again I will probably go 
with Alligate plus sniffer.
Is that still a viable combination? I have not been following the new these 
past 3-4 years when we had another solution in place.

On the Alligate site I still see Windows 2008 server as the highest recommended 
version, but we are up to Windows 2012 R2 now, it is my recommended OS for a 
new Windows server. Alligate still lists Windows 2000 and XP as a possible 
platform, I would not want to run anything on that today. Is Alligate still 
being supported as a basis platform for Sniffer?

If not, what would be a good platform for a sniffer spam filter server?
Although I have some experience with (Debian) Linux servers I rather not use 
that as I am the only one here with enough experience to know what I am doing, 
and not even that with Linux mailservers. So I would rather run Sniffer on a 
Windows platform.

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