Hi Sniffer folks,

Today we have released a new SNF engine with a minor bug fix. Please update your SNF installation at your convenience. Chances are that you've not seen any problems from this bug. If you have experienced problems they most likely presented as very rare, random errors possibly causing a crash.

As with most SNF engine updates the simplest process is to replace your binary with the latest. For windows users here are some links to the latest engine:


Simply stop your SNFServer, swap in the new .exe (renamed of course) and restart SNFServer.

For folks running linux platforms the packages and source tarballs on our web site have all been updated.

OEMs using the windows SDK should upgrade to the latest DLL which should be a swap-in replacement.



Technical details:

The bug fix is for a short buffer allocation in the codedweller/configuration.cpp module. The bug fix also solves problems unrelated to SNF where applications using the CodeDweller/configuration engine to parse unusually large XML attributes could cause a stack overflow.

The solution allocates the buffer for attributes from the heap instead of the stack and eliminates a short-by-one allocation error.

Those curious about the source code can see the important diff here:


Pete McNeil
Chief Scientist
ARM Research Labs, LLC
866-770-1044 x7010

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