This is not SNF specific, just a commentary:


I've noticed an uptick in "user stolen" passwords from domains hosted at

At first I thought these O365 users were simply infected with botNet malware
and spewing out spam to their contact lists, but I've become suspicious
after working with several of these cases.  The attacks are extremely
targeted spearhead's (not list spews), using the users account


An end user stolen password is nothing new, but the influx increase rate is
alarming.  My concern (suspicion) is that blackhats have exploited the
intel/AMD chip memory flaw, and now potentially have the password of every
O365 user (OMG!).  While this keeps most of us here busy and in business,
the herd migration mentality to cloud hosting may end very badly for those
who choose that path.


Just in my opinion.


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