We are a user of Message Sniffer, and work at being a good email citizen. 

We are currently listed on Truncate. 

I do know that one of our users was hacked a couple of weeks ago and spewed out 
some spam. We also sent out a mailing to our customers two days ago. It was 
around 3500 emails. 

Is there anyway for us to see what the offending email was that got us on the 
list? Or some other data point to help us clean up our system? 


Daniel Bayerdorffer, VP dani...@numberall.com 
Numberall Stamp & Tool Co., Inc. www.numberall.com 
Reuleaux Models www.reuleauxmodels.com 
CypherSafe www.cyphersafe.io 
PO BOX 187, Sangerville, ME 04479 USA 
TEL: 207-876-3541 FAX: 207-876-3566 

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