On Mon, Mar 20, 2017 at 01:54:02AM +0100, Freek Dijkstra wrote:
> On 20-03-2017 00:49, Jay Grizzard wrote:
> > I haven't fired up my 6501 to check the exact CPU model (...anyone want
> > to buy it? It's of no use to me since Soekris never released the
> > information needed to work with the FPGA), but I wonder if this could
> > possibly be what's going on with them:
> > https://www.theregister.co.uk/2017/02/06/cisco_intel_decline_to_link_product_warning_to_faulty_chip/
> That article seems only related to the Intel Atom C2000.
> The net6501 contains an older Intel Atom E640, single chip processor
> with EG20T companion chip.
> Of course, that doesn't exclude the possibility that something similar
> is the cause.
> At least the lesson I learned from Dries is that it really is related to
> the CPU, not to the power (as was previously suggested), and that it
> might reboot if cooled down for a sufficiently long period of time.
> Well, mine stopped working last December after 5 years of operation as
> my home router. I replaced it with something else (a Ubiquity
> EdgeRouter), but I still had it lying around (mostly because I wanted to
> reuse to two mSATA disks, which seems uncommon these days)
> Well 3 months of cooling down should be sufficient, so I couldn't help
> to check what happens if I fire it up again, and to my surprise, it did
> boot all the way just a few seconds ago!
> Not that it matters much, I guess it still is a bit too unreliable to my
> taste.

We bought 3 6501 2 years ago (for a redundant firewall/router +
HAProxy). One of them died after a year, got replaced under warranty and
died again 3 months later, another died just a few weeks agos, and the
last one suffer from this puzzling "error led" problem (works until
reboot, "sometimes" boot later, ...).

I think there is definitively an hardware/BIOS issue with the board, I'm
confident that the problem doesn't come from the power supply or an
overheating from the CPU.

As others I'm disappointed that Soekris is so silent on this issue,
especially if the root cause doesn't come from a broken bios/PCB

As we run FreeBSD, we finally replaced those boxes with a RCC-VE 4860 1U 
from Netgate (https://www.netgate.com/products/rcc-ve-4860-1u.html)

> Regards,
> Freek
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