Hi Alan,

Sorry about the confusion - no, it does not stop working and you do not need to 
be on Subscription to continue to use Softimage
When you purchase a software license you purchase the right to use it in 
perpetuity, although of course we cannot guarantee it will work on future 
hardware configurations or OS versions. However if your machine should fail you 
will still be able to transfer the license to another one via support. 
Subscription in no way affects that entitlement. It just gives you access to 
additional services and product updates.

The comment you quote is about how you can continue to access Softimage if you 
are on Subscription. Until this change, those on subscription would have lost 
access. This was because after two years the transition bundle will be 
discontinued when we stop making Softimage builds and new licenses will be Maya 
or 3ds Max only and would replace the previous licenses. However we now have a 
means for Subscribers to continue to get the latest Max or Maya licenses while 
still getting access to Softimage via the Subs center.


Maurice Patel
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Hi Maurice,

This part: "the ability to continue to access Softimage indefinitely with your 
Subscription entitlement"

If I understand correctly, you must keep paying subscription to keep your 
indefinite Softimage privileges?

So if you stop paying subscription after April 2016, does Softimage stop 

On Fri, Mar 7, 2014 at 2:33 PM, Matt Morris 
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Thanks Maurice, that goes some way to help the situation.

On 7 March 2014 19:04, Jason S 
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And is indeed encouraging to see that SOME consideration is at play.. thank you.

On 03/07/14 14:02, Jason S wrote:

Would that also extend  ability to scale (get new licences) ? (at the very 
least for existing customers?)

On 03/07/14 13:44, Maurice Patel wrote:
Hi everyone,

I have an update to the Softimage Transition Plan to share with you:

When we created the initial Softimage transition plan our desire was to provide 
our customers with an easy, no-cost path to transition  to either 3ds Max or 
Maya.  We have been monitoring all of your feedback on the forums, including 
many direct conversations with our customers, and have made adjustments to the 
transition offering to address your concerns.  As we had previously announced, 
a program is available to all Softimage customers on Subscription providing you 
with the option of migrating to 3ds Max or Maya via a bundle that will include 
a Softimage license until April 2016.  Based on your feedback we will be adding 
the ability to continue to access Softimage indefinitely with your Subscription 
entitlement even after we stop support on Softimage in April 2016.   We have 
heard you and we want to make sure you can continue to be able to access your 
Softimage projects even after the retirement of Softimage.  Our intention was 
not to create more burden on you with this difficult change.

As many of you have also asked about this, we would also like to clarify what 
will happen if you do not want to transition: your licenses will not stop 
working. Any licenses you have purchased are yours. They are perpetual licenses 
and will continue working whether you are on Subscription or not. You will 
continue to be able to contact support if you need to move a license to a new 

Maurice Patel
Autodesk : Tél:  514 954-7134<tel:514%20954-7134>


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