> I would like to see a future where the admin UI is more than just an
> addon ... but even then, I think the HTTP API will *still* be the most
> important piece of the system.

In 4 years of heavily using (many instances and many versions of) Solr,
the only times when I've used the admin UI has been as a
debugging/diagnostics tool. For instance to quickly check memory usage
or to verify data has been loaded.

My (and by extension my employer's and our customers') Solr usage
probably isn't typical, but I can't imagine anyone relying on the admin
UI for day-to-day Solr operations.

>> Good software doesn’t force users to learn how it works. It hides the
inner workings under the interface, so that people never even have to
worry about it at all.

Administering a system you know nothing about is a recipe for disaster.
This is just as true for WordPress, MySQL or Oracle as it is for Solr.
I'm not saying things can't/shouldn't be as easy and clear as possible.
But some effort to understand the system should be expected by the

 - Bram

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