Would be great if someone could share link how to create solrcloud on 3 different machines with zookeeper. Been reading documentation and there is nothing worth it for beginner, and best would be if Solr documentation team could make similar example somewhere in documentation, that would be very valuable for everyone who is very new to this search stuff.


On 22/09/16 05:45, Preeti Bhat wrote:

For starters, the below blog looks good for Windows installation.


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I found it to be way less than intuitive when I first started to get going.

I wished for an example or step by step (including zookeeper)

Pulling it all together from the docs wasn't straightforward although I guess 
the info is still there.

I'll send you my rough notes in case they're helpful...

On Wed, Sep 21, 2016 at 9:30 PM, Erick Erickson <erickerick...@gmail.com>

Setting up SolrCloud on multiple hosts is exactly the same as a single
host. You just install Solr on all the hosts you care about and start
it up. As long as the hosts can talk to each other via HTTP, it's all

The "glue" is Zookeeper. All the Solrs are started up with the same ZK
ensemble string. So when you start Solr on host1 it registers itself
with ZK. When you start another Solr on host2 it does the same. But
then ZK sends a message to host1 informing it "there's another Solr
out there" and now the Solr on host1 knows the url of Solr on host2
(and vice versa).

For just getting started, you can just use a single Zookeeper but for
prod situations you'll want 3 or more.


On Wed, Sep 21, 2016 at 6:10 PM, S L <liu01...@gmail.com> wrote:
Can someone point me to a tutorial or blog to setup SolrCloud on
multiple hosts? LucidWorks just have a trivial single host example.
I searched around but only found some blogs for older versions (2014 or 

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