True, I could remove the trigger to rebuild the entire document. But what if a 
different field changes and the whole document is triggered for update for a 
different field. We have the same problem.

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"But it also triggers a slow update that will rebuild the entire document..."

Why do you think this? The whole _point_ of in-place updates is that they don't 
have to re-index the whole document.... And the only way to do that effectively 
would be if all the fields are stored, which is not a requirement for in-place 


On Mon, Feb 12, 2018 at 8:02 AM, Brian Yee <> wrote:
> I asked a question here about fast inventory updates last week and I was 
> recommended to use docValues with partial in-place updates. I think this will 
> work well, but there is a problem I can't think of a good solution for.
> Consider this scenario:
> InStock = 1 for a product.
> InStock changes to 0 which triggers a fast in-place update with docValues.
> But it also triggers a slow update that will rebuild the entire document. 
> Let's say that takes 10 minutes because we do updates in batches.
> During that 5 minutes, InStock changes again to 1 which triggers a fast 
> update to solr. So in Solr InStock=1 which is correct.
> The slow update finishes and overwrites InStock=0 which is incorrect.
> How can we deal with this situation?

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