On 12/02/2018 16:02, Brian Yee wrote:
I asked a question here about fast inventory updates last week and I was 
recommended to use docValues with partial in-place updates. I think this will 
work well, but there is a problem I can't think of a good solution for.

Consider this scenario:
InStock = 1 for a product.
InStock changes to 0 which triggers a fast in-place update with docValues.
But it also triggers a slow update that will rebuild the entire document. Let's 
say that takes 10 minutes because we do updates in batches.
During that 5 minutes, InStock changes again to 1 which triggers a fast update 
to solr. So in Solr InStock=1 which is correct.
The slow update finishes and overwrites InStock=0 which is incorrect.

How can we deal with this situation?

It's a slightly crazy idea, but in the past we've solved a similar problem by building a custom Lucene codec that is backed by a Redis database. You change the stock value in Redis and Lucene doesn't actually notice and re-index.

Not sure if this is a better way than DocValues, it was quite a while ago and Lucene has moved on a bit since then....



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