Is it during full import or after full import? If it is during, then it might 
mean that you don’t have enough resources or maybe GC is more active. You 
should monitor your system to see if there is some resource starvation.
What sort of queries are slower? Does it include faceting? Maybe you are 
missing doc values for those fields and you don’t warm up field cache.
What is your commit strategy? You commit at the end of full import or you have 
autocommit every X seconds?
Is your index static after full import or you update docs between two imports? 
If there are updates, do you see similar slow-down?

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> On 7 Mar 2018, at 16:37, Bsr <birender.ra...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Whenever i am running the full-import, my response time for some request
> increases from 80ms to 3000ms.
> This must be indicating my poor choice of warming up.
> *1. FirstSearcher*
> I have added some 10 frequent used query but all my autowarmCount are set to
> 0. I have also added facet for warming.
> So if my autowarmCount=0, does this mean by queries are not getting cached.
> *2. useColdSearcher = false*
> Despite reading many document, i am not able to understand how it works
> after full import (assuming this is not my first full-import) 
> *3. not defined maxWarmingSearchers in solrconfig.*
> Am i doing anything wrong as why my autowarm is not working proprtly?
> Note: I am using solr6.6.0
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