On 3/7/2018 8:37 AM, Bsr wrote:
Whenever i am running the full-import, my response time for some request
increases from 80ms to 3000ms.

I'll start with the same question Emir asked: Is this *during* the import, or *after* it's done?

If it's during the import, then the machine is doing a very heavyweight operation -- indexing -- and you're doing queries at the same time.

If it's after the import, then a warming issue is more likely.  I find that cache auto-warming is a better way to do warming than firstSearcher/newSearcher.  FYI: the firstSearcher and useColdSearcher parameters only apply to the very first searcher that gets created when Solr initially starts.  You want either newSearcher or cache auto-warming, and possibly both.

Seeing that much of an increase in response times probably indicates that you don't have enough system resources for what you are asking Solr to do, especially if it's *during* import.  Memory is usually the resource that makes the most difference.


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