For both Solr 7 and Solr 8, we have found that attempts to do range queries on 
DatePointField when there are a large number of points performs poorly (queries 
were taking over 30 seconds on a 50G core). We also tried switching to 
IntPointField to see if it made a difference and it didn't. Just for 
comparison, we switched to using the deprecated TrieDateField and found the 
performance was significantly better, almost 5x better on average. We even 
tried different precision steps and although there was slight variation between 
various values, all were significantly faster than the DatePointField. So we 
are now running in production with the deprecated fields instead. Wanted to 
know if this is a common observance, because blogs I've read lead me to believe 
that the Point fields are supposed to be fast. Not sure what the testing 
environment was for that but that has not been our experience. I hope that 
these Trie fields are going to stay in the product for Solr 9, I know they were 
supposed to be removed in Solr 8 but there must have been a reason they were 

Michael Cooper

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