> TLDR; libarchive has feature parity with NetBSD pax.

i don't know how you can make this claim.  are you simply
ignoring that others have a problem you haven't seen?

people's upgrades are breaking now in ways they never have
before.  that's not feature parity by a long shot.

instead of ignoring the real issues, perhaps you could
argue that bsdtar should actually match the features of
pax-as-tar, and then we can all benefit from the change.

i'm not happy about this change.  i wish that bsdtar was
fixed to not be unfriendly, because it mostly is a better
implementation.  just these edge cases are rather ..
problematic yet these issues are being ignored or
rejected as being irrelevant.

we can do better.  i like christos' patch.  there's some
nuance with the symlink vs security issue, but there is
only clear additional failure cases with the unlink vs
rename issue.


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