> As I wrote in a follow up email, it changes formatting b/c you didn't
> change field widths and IMO using %# with a field width is mostly
> trouble to begin with.  It's not the first time someone tries to do
> this without actually understanding the consequences of the change.
> Please, can we assume that when people write either 0x%x or %#x they
> most likely actaully mean it for whatever reason and that they want
> that specific output format, and it's just rude to change that,
> especially when you do so incorrectly.

i've come to agree that %# is dangerous in general to
save one character.  not only does it have the width
issue you've mentioned, but it also emits "0" instead
of "0x0" for the zero case, which i find surprising.

christos, thanks for the backout.


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